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Patrik Prusak Head Designer. CEO

Master's degree in fashion design from the Aalto University School of Arts, design and Architecture. Over 7 years of experience in designing fashion collections, and production outsourcing.

Interests: Fashion, science fiction, video games, gym.

Pietari Kaakkomäki Creative Director

Over 10 years of experience in graphic design, marketing and fashion. Pietari works for a colourful palette of clients, ranging from fashionistas, and music industry giants, to museums and titans of business.

Interests: Fashion, science fiction, art, music, dance


Patrik creating worlds out of Lego, on his first transoceanic sailing voyage

Pietari, the northernmost New Romantic

Patrik Loves Jenni in Vogue Italia

First runner up in Designer’s Nest fashion design competition at the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013



In the era of Team A&L’s youth - the eighties and early nineties - Finland lived in well-being, but wasn’t the first country to receive most global phenomenons in pop culture, fashion and entertainment, if at all. Dallas the tv series was the defining cultural influence from abroad, and selected pop music hits from around the world were turned in to finnish language covers, before launching to the finnish market. Pietari’s homearea in norhern Finland was probably the northernmost outpost for trends of the era, thanks to Pietari himself. Patrik comes from a exceptionally resourceful, seafaring family from central Finland, that has a history of cruising around the oceans of the world, with self built yachts. The open sea, where Patrik spent years of his childhood up to teens, was also an environment, with very little stimulus. 


An environment, where everything wasn’t for granted, as it is in the post-internet world of today, was very fruitful for creativity. Where these backgrounds initially lacked, created room for imagination. Creating our own worlds was essential part of defining our realities, which we became masters at. It is no doubt that this background laid the foundation on what we do today.



Both Patrik & Pietari lived through the nineties submerged in subcultures of the era, Pietari in underground rave culture, whereas Patrik was hugely influenced by the post grunge era. During this period, clothing and fashion became an important form of self expression and an evolution of the creation of worlds from our childhood. With international fashion brands scarcely available in Finland of that period, both Pietari and Patrik took early interest in creating own apparel and styles.



Both Patrik and Pietari had found their calling in fashion, both pursuing their dreams in paths, that happened to interwine during Patrik’s fashion programme bachelor studies in the Aalto University School of arts, design and architecture. Patrik, Pietari and artist Jenni Hiltunen collaborated on launching fashion label “Patrik Loves Jenni”, that gained international recognition while spanning three collections during Patrik’s studies. 


During this period Patrik came accustomed with fashion design as one of the most vivid platforms of storytelling and self expression. Much in the way artists of any other media work, fashion design is the language, which designer uses to communicate his perspective and statement on how the world is. 



Patrik Loves Jenni was the product of our unrestricted passion and creativity - a playground where we really got to refine our expression, experiment and create without boundaries. With the increasingly commercial and saturated high fashion market, we felt that areas outside the standard model of fashion business offered us the kind of business opportunities and challenge we were really looking for. Merchandise of our beloved brands in entertainment had always played an important role in our style and inspiration, but as like many others, we felt that there was a huge gap in creativity in the merchandise business. We felt that our creativity, and workmanship would be best aimed at a sector, where it’s most needed, so Patrik Loves Jenni evolved further in to Apparel & Lovers - a company focused on channelling our life long development of creativity to branded merchandise clothing. Love for what we do, was the central element in Patrik Loves Jenni - a team of “lovers”, focused on apparel.

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