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Brand Building in Cultural and Creative Sector Businesses
The story of a brand is born from a vision of how to improve peoples lives. A story should create emotion, and show your customer, that you have a deep understanding of their lifestyle, and are sensitive to their needs.

• How to make your brand reflect creativity and passion, company themes and values? 

• How to make your company brand more attractive to a target 


• How to bring tangibility to your value proposition?  

Apparel & Lovers Brings Your Brand to Life
We will materialise your brand story and proposition into a collection of made-to-measure design apparel and accessories, that will help your brand communication evolve to new heights.

• A&L made-to-measure merchandise is an exciting reflection of your company narrative and values 

• We help you share excitement to your customers and personnel in a fun and engaging way

• Break new grounds and reach new audiences with a unique and inspiring collection




Highest Quality Standards Through the Entire Process

• Our team of fashion and graphic design professionals offer top-of-the-line design solutions

• Apparel & Lovers has over ten years of experience in designing and producing apparel collections, six years of experience in production outsourcing 


• All items go through a profound QC before they are delivered to you


• Our network of suppliers in Europe and Asia have all the necessary environmental and ethical certifications to suit your profile 



Due to the fact that our products are custom made, our price level depends on various matters, such as design details, materials, production volume etc. We can swiftly give you a price offer on our custom designed product, when we know more of your requirements and interests.


We at A&L are well aware of the massive burden the textile industry lays on our ecosystem, as well as the myriad of ethical issues involved. We are constantly researching ways to improve our ethical and ecological performance. We commit to coming up with a custom solution to suit your specific needs.


Our network of suppliers offer options on environmentally, and ethically certified production, as well as ecological materials.


The following certifications are available through our network of suppliers:

GOTS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, BSCI, OEKO-TEX STeP (Sustainable Textile Production), OEKO-TEX 100. 

Apparel & Lovers is also vegan.

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