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Royal Academician fashion

Senior Royal Academician Rose Wylie, a witty English painter, has been rapidly gaining international recognition, and won awards, such as the Charles Wollaston Award in 2015. Wylie’s paintings are instantly recognisable in the way that works by only great painters are.

Rose Wylie’s distinctive works offered a tremendous source inspiration for a bespoke streetwear capsule collection, that Helsinki/Finland bespoke merchandise label, Apparel & Lovers was honoured to design and produce.

The collection was designed in close collaboration with Union Gallery and Rose Wylie’s studio. We worked along with RW studio, while the artist created her artworks for the Summer Exhibition 2017 of The Royal Academy of Arts. We really feel that there was a mutual, creative atmosphere between RW and us.

Art distilled to a wearable form As always with our works, we avoided simply copy pasting assets from RW’s works to our designs, but instead got acquainted with the essence of the artists impression - the emotion in her artworks, and created our own interpretation. We isolated elements from her works and assembled them back together to patterns and prints suitable for textiles.

We were inspired by Wylie’s way of working with haptic layers of paint, often depicting different scenarios and memories. We brought these aspects to our designs, by combining different layers of print and embroidery.

Often there are also different settings in Wylie’s works, or perhaps a timeline of events portrayed in a manner resembling a book, with the next page open. In our designs, the different assets were converted to a pair of socks, with a different mood in each leg.

In the post world of Vetements DHL t-shirt, design merchandise is currently one of the biggest phenomenons in fashion. A&L has been transferring creativity, expression and workmanship of fashion design to the marketing communication of companies since 2012. The A&L ideology is to design and produce bespoke merchandise clothing for brands, and companies with utmost creativity and passion. Our statement is that if done correctly, merchandise can be a vivid tool for self-expression, just as designer fashion, and a powerful media for communicating brand narrative.

We can bring tangibility to the story of your brand with our bespoke apparel collections. Drop us a line to hear more! The Rose Wylie collection available now at The Royal Academy of Arts shop! Photos: Apparel & Lovers, make up: Saboreko, model: Armi @ Brand, shoes: Good Kicks

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