Put a sock in it

Socks have escalated to the forefront of fashion. Learn how you could benefit from this phenomenon.

In addition to being the unwanted Christmas present, socks used to be one of the more obvious signs of poor taste in dressing. There was no more efficient way to proclaim your lack of style, than with a pair of white, logo tennis socks peeking from under your suit trousers. As with many things in current fashion, what used to be the ultimate solecism, is now the ultimate statement. Socks have also been one of our favourite items here at Apparel & Lovers, right from the beginning. It's time we take a closer look at what makes one of the most banal pieces of clothing so interesting.

Socks have also been one of our favourite items here at Apparel & Lovers, right from the beginning. It's time we take a closer look at what makes one of the most banal pieces of clothing so interesting.

Catwalk domination

The photograph of Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada wearing "Star Wars" themed socks by Stance to meet Enda Kenny, former prime minister of Ireland set the internet on fire. The power of this humble accessory can not be understated. A sock can tell a story about your persona, and break expectations. We all mostly wear the same suits, jeans and sneakers, so socks are an easy way to personalise your look. A colourful sock can be spice up even a formal outfit almost like no other accessory can.

Socks have been having a moment for quite some time now, with hits such as Gucci's crystal-embellished logo-monogram socks in the recent 2018 Resort collection, and Vetement's Reebok collabo tennis socks being the hottest accessories in fashion, that sell out instantly at prices, that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. It doesn't look likely, that the success story of this basic staple in our wardrobes is about to fade away anytime soon either.

Rose Wylie Face of Africa (Lion) jacquard knit pattern

Endless creativity in a small package

Socks with a pattern are designed much like any other knitwear, certain pixel dimensions with a specific amount of colours and detail. The small real estate of a sock offers surprisingly rich opportunities for creativity; the graphical jacquard knit, resembling pixel art, is a technique that enables the design of highly detailed and colourful artwork. Also the interplay of knit artwork and the packaging of a sock can build combined message that can stir up a strong impact. The opportunities for communicating narrative with bespoke socks are surprisingly vast, especially considering it's just a simple accessory.

Socks are one of our most popular items, and strong sellers for our customers. We always find a fresh approach for implementing our customer's brand image to socks. We can have a purely aesthetic approach, or create something more conceptual, like a hidden story within the sock artwork for your customer to find out. Take a look at some of the socks we created for our customers!

Royal Academy of Arts, Rose Wylie capsule collection, Face of Africa (Lion) painting.



National Museum of Finland sock collection inspired by the frescoes of Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

National Museum of Finland, brand collection.

Ateneum, socks collection.

Ateneum, socks inspired by Peasant Bride from Åland, a painting by Karl Emanuel Jansson.

Let your feet tell your story Bespoke socks make for a perfect branded product for companies. In addition to the vast creative possibilities, the affordable purchase price makes them an attractive giveaway, or leaves space for a healthy profit margin, if you wish to sell your socks. The knit pattern is a fun and inventive way to communicate brand image and narrative, that will give an forward thinking and fun impression of your company, and bring colour your customer's life. ​If you would like to see, how socks developed for your brand would look like, let us know. Give us a brief, and we can develop sketches on bespoke socks free of charge!

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